About Us

.Active furniture to keep your body moovin and groovin wherever you work

Rethinking Ergonomic Experts

Rethinking Ergonomics / CIS Offices Inc. is based in Southern California,
with clients all over the United States and Europe.

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about healthy ergonomics. We believe it is important to have a happy working environment. We incorporate the design principles of Feng Shui to create or change spaces to enhance the lives of our clients.

Have a space to design? CIS Inc. an international design and furniture dealership.
We design and furnish the interiors for all industries, including: corporate, gaming, health & wellness, hospitality, education, medical, music and entertainment, and retail industries.

We have an established reputation worldwide, providing cost-effective solutions.  We strive to establish long-term working relationships with all of our clients. Our commitment is to service

The Rethinking Ergonomics Story

In The Beginning…

As the owner, of CiS Offices, an office design and full-service furniture dealership, I spent the past 31 years designing office environments where people feel happy and are more productive.

My designs have been featured on National TV and Cable Networks.

My team and I have completed over 650 projects for our clients all over the US and Europe.

Our Mission

Helping others discover healthy ergonomics and aid in the prevention of injury in the workplace.

Rethinking Ergonomics emerged from my lifelong dedication to movement arts like dance, yoga, Pilates, and fitness. Despite struggling with prior injuries causing back and neck pain, I learned that building core strength reduced discomfort and improved posture.

The increasing demand for healthy workplace ergonomics also played a significant role.

Our Values

Hag Capisco is for Active Sitting

The Chair That Changed My Life

Most of my clients sit for hours in their chairs. The commonality is that you can’t sit in one position for too long without experiencing some discomfort.

There wasn’t a chair in the US that I found to help much so I traveled to Europe and found the “Hag Capisco”, a multi-position posture chair.

After bringing awareness to so many people in the US, I was invited to the factory in Norway and to meet the inventor, Peter Opsvik.

Why Active Sitting

Peter Opsvik believes that changing positions is the best way to stay active in your chair without having to leave your seat.

Active sitting activates your core muscles which helps your muscles strengthen and tone. Active sitting improves posture, blood circulation, burn calories, and prevents injuries.