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Working from home is now a reality for many.

While each person faces their own set of challenges, we are here to support products that provide ergonomic support, privacy and productivity in your home office.


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Our packages include chair options, height adjustable desks, storage and privacy screens, to maintain comfortable, dedicated work spaces within your home environment.

1. Neck is straight and head is evenly balanced

2. Relax shoulders so arms hang naturally and close to your body

3. Back has full contact with the backrest (sit all the way back in your chair)

4. Rest elbows and forearms comfortably on the arms of the chair, without bearing weight

5. Use a pillow or roll a towel to provide lumbar support

6. Adjust the height of your chair to accommodate your worksurface height

7. Top of monitor is at eye level or slightly lower and directly in front, so head is not turned

8. Monitor should be at least an arm’s length away

9. Forearms should be at a 90-110-degree angle to the floor

10. Wrists should be straight when typing, not bent up or down

11. Thighs are parallel to the floor

12. Feet are flat on the floor or on a footres