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Note: The 8010 and 8020 chair models do not come with headrests. Please do not select a headrest for these models.
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Celebrating movement with the HAG Capisco 8106!

The Award Winning Ergonomic HÅG Capisco 8106 Chair stimulates intuitive and natural movement of the body. The saddle seat design allows you to sit in a more upright position which helps to reduce pressure on your spine  allowing for improved posture and comfort. With multiple positions, such as the reverse of the backrest, allowing you to sit in a more forward-leaning posture and without  gravity to apply pressure to the lower back. 

Our mission is to keep your body comfortable and moving while never leaving your chair. The HAG “inBalance” (balanced, flowing tilt function), along with the Seat Slider, help to increase blood circulation and to prevent sciatica strain.

“Your Next Position Is Your Best Position”

Enhance productivity, creativity and the ability to concentrate.

Hag Capisco Gas Lift Sizes

  • Standard 150mm (16″ – 21.5″)
  • Sit to Stand 200mm (19″ – 26″)
  • Stool Height 265mm (22.5″ – 32″) Comes with Foot Ring (+99) due to new regulations.

*Measured from the ground to top of the seat.

*Our fabrics options are endless, we list our most popular, please ask about other materials, including additional sustainable, and natural fabrics that are also available. We send out samples immediately at no additional charge. We can send a link to our “Chair Designer” program which shows a 3D view of the material, finish, accessories that you select. You are able to download the 3D images onto your computer.

The multi-award winning HÅG Capisco 8106 Chair will stimulate intuitive and natural movement of the body and variation of sitting postures leading to improved health and productivity.


Upholstery Options

ECO-Polyester: 100% polyester Abrasion: 250,000 double rubs “included on shop page above”

(100% Recycled, Extreme High Durability)


Faux Leather:  (Vinyl with Greenguard Gold Certification/ Abrasion: 100,000 double rubs)

“included on shop page above”


Green Hides Leather: Sierra L3/L4 

(The L3/L4 leathers are included on the shop page above)

***The Hag Capisco 8106 chair ordered in L3/L4 Leathers will be upholstered in L3/L4 leather on the front and matching faux leather on the back

(Origin: Italy | Top Grain Leather Hides from Europe and Australia)

Green Hides Leather Sierra (see additional colors here)


If you see another fabric you like, from these links below, please select your choice and email, text, or call for your price and/or free sample. (714) 794-5254 or RethinkingErgonomics@gmail.com

Gabriel Select:  fabric mix with superior durability and excellent stretch.

(85% New Zealand Wool / 15% Polyamide / European Eco-Label Certificate)

Gabriel Select Eco (see fabrics here:) 


Camira Era Polyester: (content: 100% polyester/Abrasion:100,000 double rubs

Camira Era (see fabrics here:)


Green Hides Leather : Lena L5

(European and New Zealand Superior full grain hides luxurious soft hand)

(The Hag Capisco Chair 8106 ordered in L5 Leathers will be upholstered in the same leather on the front and back)

  Green Hides Leather  Lena L5 (see colors here)


Aluminum Base:

(Silver, Black, White)

(With Curved Foot Plates for grip and comfort)






Hag Capisco 8106

  • Made for greater freedom of movement, variation and natural sitting positions.
  • Gives you an upright sitting posture and a natural curvature in your lower back.
  • Makes it easy to sit actively with a semi-standing position.
  • Perfect for shifting between sitting and standing with an height-adjustable desk.



  • Patented Balanced Movement Mechanism
  • Backward tilt tension
  • Dual position tilt lock
  • Seat Slider
  • Two pneumatic seat height ranges for different work surface levels
  • White, Silver or Black aluminum base with arched and ribbed foot massage curvature ends
  • 10 Year HAG Factory Warranty
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI-BIFMA Level 2 and Green Guard Standards.
  • Manufactured at Flokk in Norway, and Upholstered in Los Angeles, the Hag Capisco Ergonomic Chairs
  • are made with 53% Post Consumer Recycled Materials, and are 97% Recyclable.
  • Our aim is to help reduce the Carbon Footprint of our Planet with
  • Sustainable and Environment Friendly Products.


The saddle seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions, all the way up to standing, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements while still balanced. The seat height, seat depth and back height can be adjusted. Tilt resistance is adjustable and lockable. The foot-base is offered in white, black or silver-lacquered aluminum. Standard 150 mm gas lift, Sit to Stand 200 mm gas lift, and the Stool height 265 mm gas lift.

A Foot Ring is also available to use with Standing Desks.

The Hag Capisco chair is giving back to Mother Nature as 90% recyclable coming from 50% recyclable materials.
GREENGUARD certificate – ensures that the chair meets strict chemical emissions limits.


Backrest height: 15.75″
Seat width: 18.1″
Seat depth: 15.75 – 18.50″
Product weight: 24.5 lbs
Max weight capacity: 300 lbs

HÅG provides a ten-year guarantee against production defects on chairs that are in normal use.

Maintenance: Vacuum clean the chair with a furniture brush or wipe it with a clean, white cloth or sponge slightly dampened with clean lukewarm water. Do not remove any plastic parts or attempt to open the seating mechanism.
Contact us if the chair requires servicing.

Free Shipping to the 48 Continental US States.
QUICK SHIP: All Chairs are made to Order and we have over 500 Colors available.

Chairs are ready to ship in 5-15 Business Days. Fabric, Faux Leather and Leather options.

Easy to assemble without using any special tools.



Our ergonomic office transformation for small to big companies, for 1 or 1000 people.

This way

Additional information

Upholstery Fabric

8010 Black frame/Black (Eco-Polyester), 8010 Grey frame/Black (Eco-Polyester), 8010 Petrol Frame/Black (Eco-Polyester), 8020 Black frame/Black (Eco-Polyester), 8020 Grey frame/Black (Eco-Polyester), 8020 Petrol Frame/Black (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Academy (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Admiral (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Anchor (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Avalon (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Blush (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Cyan (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Date (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Electric Blue (Eco Polyester), 8106 Fez (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Gaia (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Gravel (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Hint (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Highland (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Hunter (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Khaki (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Latte (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Lead (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Mikan (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Navy (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Pear (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Seed (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Sky (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Stately (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Wheat (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Lemon (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Santorini Blue (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Tangerine (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Lime (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Aqua (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Black (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Red (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Slate Mosaic (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Light Gray (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Dark Gray (Eco-Polyester), 8106 Baltic Blue (Faux Leather), 8106 Black/White (Faux Leather), 8106 Black/Yellow (Faux Leather), 8106 Black (Faux Leather), 8106 Camel (Faux Leather), 8106 Ash (Faux Leather), 8106 Mahogany (Faux Leather), 8106 Saddle (Faux Leather), 8106 Dark Blue Baltic (Faux Leather), 8106 Mist (Faux Leather), 8106 White (Faux Leather), 8106 Black/White (Leather), 8106 Camel (Leather), 8106 Mahogany/Camel, 8106 Mahogany/Camel (Leather), 8106 Mahogany/Mushroom (Leather), 8106 Mist (Leather), 8106 Mushroom (Leather), 8106 White (Leather), 8106 Black (Leather), 8106 Ash (Leather), 8106 Saddle (Leather), 8106 Mahogany (Leather)

55 reviews for HAG Capisco Chairs

  1. Dawn freeman

    I bought this chair for my husband after he hurt his back . I read the reviews and couldn’t believe there was a chair that he would be comfortable in and not complain about . Thank you for the easy

  2. Esther

    for years i have suffered with back pain and finally i can sit for hours without that constant agony. I enjoy being able to move in the different positions. My favorite position is reversing the seat back on my chest and I feel absolutely no pressure on my lower back.

  3. Riccardo

    I love this chair. Thank you for your help to find the best solution for my office.

  4. Steve

    Best decision ever…i bought the capisco chair for my music studio and i sit in it for 5 hours a day in different positions.

  5. Michelle

    I work at a company who has these chairs and I was impressed at the posture clinic when they taught us how to do yoga at our desk, in our chairs, when we are feeling stressed or tired. It was awesome. I am leaving work with tons of more energy. thank you

  6. Sarah

    Finally I feel good sitting in the same chair all day ! I don’t even move that much and can honestly say it’s the chair that keeps my posture straight …

  7. Maria Rodriguez

    I had issues with my sciatica before I started working at my new job. They purchased this chair for me that my insurance approved. I sat in many, many chairs before deciding on the Capisco ..
    I am able to change the position of my seat as often as I move …

  8. Liz

    I have only had my chair for a couple of weeks but I feel like I walk straighter and taller everyday. It’s very cool to be able to move and change the adjustments on the chair to move with me… my whole dept appreciated the posture clinic, we learned a lot

  9. Carl

    I am sitting all day without pain ! Why did it take sitting in bad chairs to know a good one

  10. Gavin

    I bought a standing height Capisco Puls I am leaning forward while I work in the
    perching posture , equal balance on feet and sitting . they told me I might be more comfortable in the 8106, but this model works for me..

  11. Brittini

    Love my Capisco!!!

  12. Matt

    Lauren was extremely knowledgeable and provided the type of personable and attentive customer service that you really only get when dealing directly with a stakeholder. It honestly felt more like I was dealing more with an ergonomics concierge than a sales person. She walked me carefully through the process of picking out the best product for my needs and budget, and I got exactly what I wanted. The hag capisco is by far the best chair I’ve ever owned and well worth the price tag (remember, you’re not buying metal and polyester, you’re buying better posture and an absence of back and neck pain).

  13. Andy

    I have had pain due to an sciatic nerve issue for years and tried physical therapy and acupuncture with limited results. I could not sit for any length of time or bend over without having pain. I ordered the Capisco thinking I had nothing to lose and like other reviewers have had great results. I followed the instructions and adjusted the posture positions , which are easy to adjust, as I move the chair moves I can Change body positions while sitting and bending over without irritating the nerve. It is like physical therapy without knowing it. I am still being careful; but so far I haven’t felt like I needed to see the PT after working all day …
    Thanks for answering all my questions before purchasing… i can be a pain sometimes ( no pun intended lol)

  14. Lee

    Hey guys, I met you at the Namm Event back in January… I didn’t realize there were chairs or stools like the Capiscos out there, thanks for the enlightenment… I sit for hours, sometimes don’t think about it until i get up and want to lie down because my lower back is killing me. Sitting for who knows how long in my new chair I don’t have to get up because the chair moves with me… I am playing music, composing, collaborating, etc. pain free! The chair arrived fast and easy to assemble. I will definitely pass your cards out…

  15. Veronica

    I almost did not order this Chair but my but my Chiropractor highly recommended and was able to sample the one in his office. I am so distrusting of 5-star products because some of the reviews read like someone has been paid to write them. But I ordered it and it came on time and I watched the video on the website to know how and when to use all the adjustments on the first day to give my mind cause to “enter the concept” and trust with hope of having something stop my pure agony from sciatica. I have degenerative arthritis but sciatica makes that feel like a ‘walk in the park.’
    So far I am sitting upright without effort, the trademark “Hag in-balance” allows me to move with the chair relieving the pain associated with my sciatica nerve, if my lower back is bothering me I can turn the back of the chair around and take all the pressure off it and work another 8 hours pain free… ( if I had to lol)

  16. Chuck

    Since I like most of the world is working from home, I didn’t have a proper chair to sit and work in …With a ruptured disk at my L4 back and some pain with my upper back especially as I’ve gotten older make me always want to slouch over when I’m working at my desk, and by the end of the day my upper back can be pretty stiff and sore. Over the years I’ve purchased various chairs that claim to help my posture but nothing compares to the Capisco! It forces you in a good way to sit with good posture and the features that adjust to fit my particular pain issue amazing ! Pain free and happy camper

    I have a Capisco at our corporate office but wasn’t able to bring it home to work during this Corona virus nightmare …
    I was lucky that my company invests in their employees and want them comfortable during the work day so I got to purchase a Capisco for my home office!
    I won’t be stressing as much while in lock down thanks

  17. l

    I have endured chronic lower back pain for at least 15 years. Chiropractic
    has been my only relief and that of course is short lived. I was skeptical when I purchased the Capisco Chair but can now say, no doubt about it, this chair works ! I am optimistic and looking forward being able to sit for long periods without pain pills.

  18. Stevie

    It is helping so far (2 weeks in the use). I thought it was a bit pricey but still nothing in comparison with chiropractor bills and I feel very similar or better. (I work at least 8-10 hours a day now from home ), it’s super easy to put together I would recommend to friends. Instructions for adjusting positions easy too…

  19. Debra

    I have a Capisco at our corporate office but wasn’t able to bring it home to work during this Corona virus nightmare …
    I was lucky that my company invests in their employees and want them comfortable during the work day so I got to purchase a Capisco for my home office!
    I won’t be stressing as much while in lock down thanks

  20. Mario

    No more lower back pain . It is super fine to sit pain free again

  21. Maddie

    Working from home now, needed to feel good sitting for hours.. OMG found the most comfortable chair Capisco in Coffee Leather loving my chair

  22. Rick

    Great chair ! Great design makes sense

  23. Melissa

    If you want to sit in a chair all day that feels amazing you must check out the Capisco!!! You won’t regret…

  24. Sylvia

    Home Office bound due to the Corona Virus and happy with my chair purchase!!! The Capisco is like a breath of fresh air literally! I was stressing about missing my Chiropractor or massage but honestly i don’t need it since this chair arrived and now its three days and i feel so good. I sat in many ergonomic chairs over the years and nothing compares. I recommend it over any other chair if you want to stay healthier
    thank you

  25. Kellie Janeski

    I am the queen of reading reviews, especially before making large purchases… so listen up if you’re anything like me! I wanted a versatile customizable chair that had EVERYTHING. Here was my criteria: ergonomic, active sitting, but also good for long hours, tall for my sit-stand desk and my tall kitchen counter (with some sort of foot ring because I’m short 5’2”). I also wanted my chair to be short enough for my desk in my bedroom so it can tuck into the desk. I wanted a good-looking quality chair that I could feel a noticeable difference in how my body felt at the end of each day… so yeah if I’m gonna spend money I want it to fit all my needs. I finally found the Hag Capiscos! I noticed it was a Norwegian chair but after inquiring on flokk, Lauren and Daniel reached out to me from Southern California (MY HOOD!) Next day I tested out the 8106, 8010, and 8020. At first I thought I wanted the sleeker, smaller saddle on the 8010 or 8020 but the plastic makes it not as preferable for long hours in my opinion. I was nervous the slightly larger saddle of the 8106 was going to be too big since I have short legs, but it’s been PERFECT. I could have taken home the cloth option that day, but instead I ordered the 8106 Coffee Paloma leather, tall black stand, with foot ring and it was delivered in less than a week. I was scared it might be slippery in my sweats at home, but I have not had that issue with the leather whatsoever. I’ve been using it for two weeks now, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. If you’re even debating, just do it now and don’t waste another day thinking about it (unless you’re just trying to pick which color). I now understand the importance of investing in a very nice office chair. Last but not least, Daniel and Lauren had the best customer service ever, I’m truly a fan of my entire experience.

  26. Rod

    Thanks for the education on selecting a really great ergonomic chair for me. I didn’t believe a chair could feel so good and help with my poor posture while sitting and working.. I used to look forward to crashing on my sofa after sitting on my bad chairs but now I don’t even mind the long hours.. I do have to set the alarm to change positions because now you taught me how important that is… all the positions are comfortable…

  27. Shannon

    Firstly, my experience was better than expected during a time when everything business has turned upside down …
    Speed , Service, Buying Perks, of course the most comfortable chair I ever sat in!
    I will be referring my colleagues

  28. Tim

    Great chair
    I get a break from my back pain…
    Fast shipping
    My wife introduced me to this chair that she claimed was magic for her injuries when she couldn’t sit for longer than a few minutes without complaining.

  29. Nate

    If you want to feel productive and comfortable this is the chair to buy .
    Regular office chairs cause pain after sitting for a short time . Capisco is not a regular office chair.
    Thanks …

  30. Shelby T

    I absolutely love my chair!!! Relief from pain from sitting too long…
    I recommend all the positions I like to turn the back of the chair and sit with the weight off my lower back.
    Great customer service too

  31. Elisabeth

    Finally people good money spent on something that really works!
    If I added up all the bad money on cheap office chairs and not to mention years of chiropractic adjustments from sitting in bad office chairs :(…I would be retired …
    Please invest in a Capisco ! Save yourself from more pain .
    They told me that over 10 years it’s like 21cents investment on better health and yes I am worth it lol
    Never felt better sitting

  32. Ted

    Thanks for your help.
    Why did it take so long to find this chair?
    I read blog after blog review after review never seeing the Capisco pop up.
    I probably read 50 blogs and searches.
    I am limited to where I can go y’all but did visit my brother n law and he had this unique design of a chair .. he said he could sit all day with even wanting to get up and move around . That’s all I want to do is get out and move around when I am sitting all day.
    Nope he said this chair is for sitting all day because it’s “active” meaning it moves with you and has different positions that are so easy to adjust
    I tend to slump and not with this chair it’s like a saddle and it forces your back up right. No choice but better posture.
    My only complaint is that it’s hard to find information on line .

  33. Neal

    Just need to say three words:
    Buy this chair!
    It answers everything you will ever want in a chair period.

  34. I. Solano

    As a music industry professional, composer, multi-instrumentalist, university researcher and music producer, I am aware of the importance of making the good decisions when choosing a stool or a chair to sit and work for the many hours of the day. The HAG-Capisco is the right choice, I am sure about it. Its versatility, facture and quality has no comparison. Spending a few hundreds will give you definitely years of well-being. You will be able (as I am now) to spend hours practicing your instrument or recording or producing or composing without suffering the fatigue that normally gain your back and your brain while sitting on other chairs or stools. An amazing product that makes my professional life, productivity and creativity much better much easier. Don’t hesitate to get yours!! « You’ll thank me later »

  35. Barbara Laimins

    I love this chair! Has solved my neck problems and allows me to work comfortably now. I ordered the chair on a Monday afternoon and was sitting on the chair 4 days later. Fantastic service – thank you

  36. Marc Williams

    Awesome customer service! These folks shipped incredibly fast, and followed up immediately on one issue I had. The chair came in impeccable quality, and was easy to set up. I highly recommend the company, as well as this HAG Capisco chair. I have a lot of back and shoulder issues from working at a desk all day, and this chair has helped tremendously. Recommend buying the foot ring.

  37. Meila

    Awesome chair and design. Europeans know what´s good for posture and health. The color i wanted was not available and i had to choose another color. The customer service was really good and they helped me finding the right chair.

  38. Oliver W.

    That´s exactly what we need for the US. Better posture, active sitting and healthy ergonomics. Glad i found this chair. Thanks to Joe Rogan and Rethinking Ergonomics. I bought 5 chairs for my company and guess which chairs are never available for sitting. I will order a few more chairs soon.

  39. Jonas and Mary

    Awesome! Thank you for your advice!

  40. Sabrina S.

    Home Office with my new Capisco chair. Thank you so much for upgrading me to the 8106 Model. I sent you photos of the office and i already have referred a friend to your site. Happy Home Office 🙂

  41. Dan K.

    Happy with my Capisco chair. Best Home Office Chair

  42. Daniel Brown

    Thank you for the fast shipping and great customer service. I really like the chair but next time i´ll go with the black. Or is it possible to exchange the color?

  43. Phil NYC

    Box came a little damaged with FedEx but everything looked great and they offered me a replacement, if there were any damages on the chair. Thank you and i´ll order again. Phil from New York

  44. Beth Conrad

    life much easier at work now!
    enjoying my new Capisco Ultrasound Chair. I had issues with all other chairs for the simple reason of “sliding” I want a chair that doesn’t move when I am working at a standing level over a bed that at its highest level. Sometimes after being on my feet all day I would like to have the option to lean on the seat and still be standing. The Capisco does this and so much more as I knew about. I don’t have much time to relax in my chair but this way I actually can… Its very easy to wipe down with anti bacterial or bleach. The vinyl or what they call faux leather is so soft I thought it was actual leather. I was pleased to learn its a fabric that is also PVC Free… I always thought vinyl was made with a chemical process. I learned something new.
    I will be purchasing more for our lab and with the ability to turn the chair back in front and sit in a straddle position, we won’t get complaints of back pain from our lab techs..
    A chair that solves all of our issues.
    Oh, did I mention the superior customer service? They seem to be available whenever i had a question.
    Rethinking-Ergonomics is exactly as their name suggests. I learned so much more about my chair is not just an object to sit and work.
    Thank you

  45. Erick S

    I am a tattoo artist with a motorcycle injury. Sitting on my old stool reminded me of the pain in my back everyday. Life is too short and when my buddy recommended this cool chair I was in, the multiple positions that I can use and like a silent alarm my body moves with the chair and I don’t have to get up and leave my client because I have to go outside to stretch.
    I was going for their stool but the longer wait time and learning that with my injury, having the back would actually improve my posture. The chair came so quickly, (I have had it for almost a month), and thanks guys at Rethinking Ergonomics. I think I must get asked about my 8106 black leather Capisco chair and where you to buy it at least once a week.

  46. Sarah J

    I ordered the Puls Plus special color white with black seat. It really stands out nicely with my decor. I am a home office worker now, about 90% of the time, only going into the office twice a month for meetings. I sit almost all day and I like the firmness of the chair back and if I am wanting padding on the back, I throw my sweatshirt over the top. If you can afford the other model 8106, go for it, but if you are on a budget, like me, it works too… I learned about this color combination on their instagram (@rethinking_ergonomics), and contacted them and learned that sometimes they have specials.

  47. Celine G

    thanks for the great customer service! I was confused about what model Capisco chair or accessories I needed to buy for my desk height. I am short but wanted to convert to a stand up desk eventually. I didn’t expect a posture tune up over the phone and all of my concerns were addressed. I learned that I could switch out the size later and they would walk me through the process easily. Take advantage of their expertise and if you are spending $ on the best ergo chair like the Capisco, please make sure to ask for assistance for what you need on the chair.
    You will be glad you did.

  48. Chiro Paul

    Great chair but not for short people. I am 4.9 and i ordered the chair with medium lift. I had to change to a short lift after a few weeks. But at the end, Rethinking Ergonomics made the exchange very easy.

  49. Michelle

    Great chair, price is okay when you think about that it really forces you to sit properly. Backpain is gone

  50. Customer

    Just amazing! i love switching positions and i am not getting tired that quickly. I definitely feel a difference

  51. Musician in LA


  52. Stephanie B.

    We ordered another chair, after i got mine. It really works!Price is ok

  53. Mike

    The chair was not what i was looking for. But great customer service. thank you

  54. Montana

    Great chair and i am sitting in it for hours without problems.

  55. Francois

    The chair is amazing, and Lauren at Rethinking Ergonomics has been really helpful throughout the process.

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