Motion Stool



EASY ERGONOMICS! The under-seat push buttons allow you to adjust height easily, making it simple to go from sitting to perching. It features a secure non-slip and non-skid tread on its convex base for a confident sit.


Maximize energy at meetings and at work with this curved, rocker-shaped base that keeps you moving throughout the day. Its 20° of rock and 360° of swivel encourages you to shift your weight left-to-right or front-to-back while allowing you to remain focused on the task at hand.

ABSOLUTE VERSATILITY The Motion Stool is an ideal solution for many different settings: collaborative, huddle, hot desking, and other impromptu spaces. It can be the star of a transition to an ergo-friendly office or an impressive part of the supporting cast.

  • Motion stool for active sitting
  • 20° of rocking motion and 360° swivel encourages movement through the day
  • Naturally creates a healthy hip-to-femur angle to engage core muscles and support good posture
  • Push-button height adjustability works with sitting or standing desks
  • Curved base features a non-slip tread
  • Available in any fabric
  • Lightweight for flexibility
  • Warranted for 300 lbs.


Seat width: 14.5″

Seath depth: 9.5″

Seat height: 21″ – 30″

Additional information

Stool Base Color

White, Black

Stool Upholstery Color

Lemon, Purple, Black, Light Blue, Red, Grey, Orange