Varier Variable Balans; Original Ergonomic Kneeling Chair



Variable Original Design: Peter Obsvik’s  Balans Kneeling Chair is an instantly recognizable design icon.

Constructed from high quality Beech Ash Wood and upholstered in  Revive, a 100% recycled polyester, it is created with a focus to reduce the environmental impact both in production and on natural resources.




Variable Balans Kneeling Chair by Peter Opsvik, made in Scandinavia and was the first prototypes derived from

the Balans concept, by Hans Christian Mengshoel. As its name suggests, the chair allows your body to move in many natural positions. It has a gentle rocking motion. kneeling chairs  encourage the  body to find the center of gravity, balance and find a posture that is both ergonomic and comfortable. Kneeling chairs help to build core muscle strength as it supports your spine as you sit.

Kneeling chairs relieve low back pain and help stretch and support back muscles. Sitting in one helps your body feel free of pressure on your lower back and strengthening the muscles while you work.

light weight it is easy to carry from room to room.


Chair Measurement:

20.47″ L X 28.4″ W X 20″ H


Additional information

Base Color

Black Ash Base, Natural Ash Base

Upholstery Fabric

Black Revive Fabric, Dark Blue Revive Fabric, Dark Grey Revive Fabric